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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, my tree-loving friends! It’s another beautiful winter day, and it seems Punxsutawney Phil has promised more to follow. While the chill might remain where you are, I hope February has filled you with love and excitement for what is yet to come.

Firstly, I want to congratulate Dana M and Peggy K for winning my first giveaway. I’m so thrilled to gift them with a set of laminated bookmarks and a set of notecards. If you want to participate in the next giveaway for a chance to win a framed print or another secret item, head over to my Facebook and like or comment on the monthly giveaway post to enter. A winner will be chosen on February 28th at 6pm live on my page, so tune in and find out if you’re the lucky winner! 

If you’re still looking for a way to show someone you love just how grateful you are to have them in your life, new Thank You notecards are now available in my shop. Now you can keep in touch with friends and family with a special handmade card, and let them know how thankful you are for their presence. 

If you’d rather treat yourself and brighten your space with a unique piece, new canvas paintings are also available for purchase. When you purchase from Etsy or my website, you’ll get 20% off your order and receive an original artwork. With a limited palette and textural layers, these abstract works are ready to hang and bring life to any room. Invite the serene image of the watcher of the forest into your world, and embrace the symbolization of what we do to protect our trees. 

Here at The Healing Tree Studio, staying connected to my community and giving back to it means the world to me. If you’d like to keep up with announcements in my Artist Insights newsletter, you’ll receive a 15% discount for any item at any amount, and know that with any bookmark purchase you make the fantastic organization One Tree Planted will plant one tree. Follow along with my shop updates and be a part of the community that focuses on giving back to the natural world!

As Maya Angelou once said, “This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.” I hope this wonderful new day brings you nothing but joy. Until next time, forest friends! 

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Other Worlds-The Collection

A new card collection has arrived. In fact two new sets have been added to my Etsy shop and my online shop. I started to do a full set of 6 note cards with a yellow-green back ground but stopped at 3 and will double up on each one to complete the set. I titled this set “Sharing The Pond”

My second collection of note cards I have titled these “Other Worlds”. As I was painting the canvas for them I was watching a science fiction show and thought I wonder if they have trees on other planets and what would they look like? So I named after my thought process.

As for the floors of my new spaces let’s just say, it is a longer undertaking then thought. We have back tracked a bit to even the sub flooring, it is not bad but uneven enough to make a difference in the planks not fitting properly. I keep mentioning peel n’ stick flooring but it keeps getting bunked. UM?

That what I have for you this time.


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In between done and not even close

Where do I begin besides telling you I am not done. Waiting for the flooring to come in. July 23/24. Although the flooring isn’t here, I still need to do some minor touch ups. This reminds of being in Mexico. When I was in Puerto Vallarta, I had seen a lot of unfinished houses on the water and someone said to me that “they’re on Mexico time, it gets done when it’s done”. We took a shore excursion to a small unfinished building that was eventually going to be a bed and breakfast type of place. There was about 12 of us on this little boat and as we pulled up to the place it clearly was not habitable and still under construction, I asked the guide how long have they been working on it and he replied, “four years”.

Meanwhile back in my bedroom/studio, I am getting cramped. I am doing my best not to purchase items until I move. I am keeping up on supplies and the basics of running my shop but it’s sometimes difficult to pass up a sale on shelving and tables and all the cool stuff that I envision for my studio. Speaking of being cramped, prepare! I am sharing some photos of my current environment.

Yes, I do clean up before going to bed, but this is what it looks like when I am working. Gulp! So you can see I have limited space to add anything. You would think I would be in a hurry to move working under these conditions.

So here are the updates on the two rooms and other projects that keep me busy.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to do some custom bookmarks and a set of note cards. She wanted them for her parents birthday’s that are a month a part. They live in Colorado on a property surrounded by trees! This was a great project for me and perfect timing.

Another project that came to me was a commission piece for hanging art. I’ve done a couple for this friend a while back but she was ready for something for herself. I finished and delivered that this week. It’s been a minute since I have done anything on canvas, since my shop opening in April. I have been so focused on bookmarks and note cards, it was strange at first but of course it’s like riding a bike. The photos below show the progress of how it started to the last photo is the finished art.

Along with all of these projects I have managed to come up with some new note card designs. I think I may have two sets of cards. This first set is of three different designs and will be a card set of 6 with two of each card. The second set is still in progress but I am sharing what I have so far.

Titled “Sharing The Pond” Set of three note cards
Titled “Other Worlds” Set of six note cards

These are my projects keeping me busy these days. I will have the new cards listed on Etsy and my website, by next week (July 27th). I just received notice the flooring is in. We are headed to the store here shortly. So, stand by for funny pics coming soon.

Until next time, Cheers

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New Studio Updates

Super excited to share some updates on my new studio space. It has been a couple of weeks since my last post but here are some pics. Turns out we are doing the floors after all. Surprise!. We were going back and forth about keeping the carpet or not.

Off to the floor store. I don’t have a photo of the flooring but it is a laminate material and we are doing it our selves. Something I didn’t want to do but some how got tricked into being excited about it. The flooring has been ordered as it was not in stock. This has given us time to finish and painting details and of course remove the carpet and prep the floor properly.

That is where I am at with my new rooms. The flooring will take about 14 days to come in. The 23rd of July is when it is scheduled to arrive. Because of this change in flooring, it has caused a domino effect. These two upstairs bedrooms are attached to a small hall landing area which is attached to a master bedroom, which is attached to stairs, which is attached to another landing. In short, it doesn’t stop. When completed we will have new flooring in four bedrooms, two landings and a flight of stairs. Along with new paint in the whole house, new fixtures and lighting in the kitchen.

I’am thinking this might have started when I asked to move upstairs into those two rooms. What lesson have I learned here??

As far as my art and Etsy shop, things are going well. I posted on social media my new cards and they have been well received. I have also picked up a couple of commission pieces to do. One wall hanging and one order for customized bookmarks and a set of note cards for a couple that live in Colorado.

Below are the images of the new note card collection. I have updated the amount of cards. A set of 6 notes cards with white envelopes and packaged in a clear acrylic box then wrapped in tissue paper. I will post images of the commission work when it’s done and sent off. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

I wanted to write something since I missed last week. so this is what I have been up to. I hope to have my commission pieces done and sent off so I can post those pics. I think I am looking to move into my spaces the first two weeks of August. Or third! How ever it works out I am beyond excited. Working from my bedroom is getting real tight. I am sleeping with my artwork.

Until next week, cheers!

New Items

Launch day for note cards

The world will never be the same. My note cards are now available on Etsy. You can now purchase my handmade note cards in a package of 5. I released a total of 6 cards to start and you can choose any combination of 5 that you wish. Keeping with my tree theme, they all have trees in the design.

Each card was drawn specially for a note card design. I draw them using micron ink pens and all color is done watercolor markers. Something I have just begun using and I love them. I use a lot of acrylic in my original paintings and even on my bookmarks. For my note cards I was looking for a softer look and not so much color.

My packets of cards come in an acrylic clear box with matching white envelopes. They measure 51/5 by 41/4 inches. Blank inside for a lot of space for writing. I use a 110 lb. card-stock and printed here in my studio. I hand cut and fold them, the corners are rounded to add some interest and extra detail.

The next obvious move is to add more design to my note card collection. I think it works out to do a collection of 6 at a time. I believe I will continue the count of cards so that anyone can mix and match the cards from any of the collections.

I hope you check out my cards and drop me a line about what you think. After I get enough of a selection I will jump into greeting cards.

Thank you for reading about my new items and talk to you next week.

My Shop

Growing The Healing Tree Studio

Growing The Healing Tree Studio, pun intended. So, here I am, just opened for just a couple of months now and I am very happy how things are going. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great” -William James. I think about this all of the time.

Since the title is Growing The Healing Tree Studio, I guess I should talk about that. In my previous post I talked about why I opened up my Etsy shop. So, my intentions moving forward are to start with my bookmarks then adding note cards and greeting cards, handmade journals, and hanging artwork. I have made greeting cards in the past, but they were individual cards, hand drawn, specific for one person. The cards for this studio will be hand drawn, painted or colored and mass produced, printed by myself actually. I do want to keep it “handmade” without using a professional printing service for now. If you have ever made your own cards, you know it can be a lot of work, at least to make them for consumers. Making one or two is no big deal, but to set up to make hundreds is some work!. But I won’t bore you with the details here.

Samples of note cards with kraft brown envelopes. I am still working on these, as far as printing and making sure they are perfect for printing without any flaws.

I will be creating multiple themes, such as, Birthday, Thank you, Thinking of you, and many more. I also will be offer sets of 5 and 10, with the option to choose which theme. So, a customer can choose the packet of 5 and adding one, Birthday, two Thank you, and one Merry Christmas and one Thinking of you. The same with the packet of 10. This seems to be the most cost effective way for my customers.

As I mentioned before about adding journals and artwork, I am in the research/design process of creating handmade journals. I will be using cotton canvas for the covers and adding unlined paper. The covers will be artwork themselves, some of them having the look of leather, very much like the grain, and of course TREES!, and very similar to my bookmarks, as far as the technique and leaving the fringe on the edges goes. The binding of the pages, now that’s a whole other process.

And that my friends are my intentions for The Healing Tree Studio. Hope to see you around and of course check out my shop, if you haven’t already. The Healing Tree Studio