New Items

Launch day for note cards

The world will never be the same. My note cards are now available on Etsy. You can now purchase my handmade note cards in a package of 5. I released a total of 6 cards to start and you can choose any combination of 5 that you wish. Keeping with my tree theme, they all have trees in the design.

Each card was drawn specially for a note card design. I draw them using micron ink pens and all color is done watercolor markers. Something I have just begun using and I love them. I use a lot of acrylic in my original paintings and even on my bookmarks. For my note cards I was looking for a softer look and not so much color.

My packets of cards come in an acrylic clear box with matching white envelopes. They measure 51/5 by 41/4 inches. Blank inside for a lot of space for writing. I use a 110 lb. card-stock and printed here in my studio. I hand cut and fold them, the corners are rounded to add some interest and extra detail.

The next obvious move is to add more design to my note card collection. I think it works out to do a collection of 6 at a time. I believe I will continue the count of cards so that anyone can mix and match the cards from any of the collections.

I hope you check out my cards and drop me a line about what you think. After I get enough of a selection I will jump into greeting cards.

Thank you for reading about my new items and talk to you next week.

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