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Growing The Healing Tree Studio

Growing The Healing Tree Studio, pun intended. So, here I am, just opened for just a couple of months now and I am very happy how things are going. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great” -William James. I think about this all of the time.

Since the title is Growing The Healing Tree Studio, I guess I should talk about that. In my previous post I talked about why I opened up my Etsy shop. So, my intentions moving forward are to start with my bookmarks then adding note cards and greeting cards, handmade journals, and hanging artwork. I have made greeting cards in the past, but they were individual cards, hand drawn, specific for one person. The cards for this studio will be hand drawn, painted or colored and mass produced, printed by myself actually. I do want to keep it “handmade” without using a professional printing service for now. If you have ever made your own cards, you know it can be a lot of work, at least to make them for consumers. Making one or two is no big deal, but to set up to make hundreds is some work!. But I won’t bore you with the details here.

Samples of note cards with kraft brown envelopes. I am still working on these, as far as printing and making sure they are perfect for printing without any flaws.

I will be creating multiple themes, such as, Birthday, Thank you, Thinking of you, and many more. I also will be offer sets of 5 and 10, with the option to choose which theme. So, a customer can choose the packet of 5 and adding one, Birthday, two Thank you, and one Merry Christmas and one Thinking of you. The same with the packet of 10. This seems to be the most cost effective way for my customers.

As I mentioned before about adding journals and artwork, I am in the research/design process of creating handmade journals. I will be using cotton canvas for the covers and adding unlined paper. The covers will be artwork themselves, some of them having the look of leather, very much like the grain, and of course TREES!, and very similar to my bookmarks, as far as the technique and leaving the fringe on the edges goes. The binding of the pages, now that’s a whole other process.

And that my friends are my intentions for The Healing Tree Studio. Hope to see you around and of course check out my shop, if you haven’t already. The Healing Tree Studio

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